The United States always dream about travel: a huge country, 50 states still have large blank spaces, mythical roads, crossing landscapes whose diversity across the US territory: from east to west, a continent ! The United States is also synonymous with a particular lifestyle, where excess is the norm, like the major US cities, and culture becomes polymorphic, big Hollywood productions to the most underground protest movements. We are talking surely due to American melting pot. But back to the facts: the US sontbien heard a major tourist destination: everyone wants to find out, at least once, the States! For this, several options are on the table; unless you have all the time ahead, and leave to tour the country, it is necessary to make choices, because a trip to a part or another of the United States will always be an experience ressamblant no other. Leave for the United States of America! tour operators side, the bulk of stays mainly take to destination New York, the great American West (Los Angeles / San Francisco / Las Vegas) or Florida (Miami, Disney World). & Bull; New York City World. On show at least once in his life, period! And if you stay longer, from New York, go discover the great cities of the East Coast, the birthplace of America, with milestones Boston, Philadelphia, Washington. & Bull; To discover the northeastern United States, start Florida sun-drenched all year: take the road Miami to Key West, through the marshes preserved Everglades, as well the major theme parks around Orlando. A cruise to the Bahamas is also optional. & Bull; Not far from Florida, Louisiana, the

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