Attached to https://www.cityzeum.com/castello-d-empuries Castello d'Empuries, a small town inland, but located at the seaside at the beginning of beautiful Gulf of http: // www. cityzeum.com/roses-1 Roses, Empuriabrava is a place where one goes mainly out of curiosity, for his astonishing urban plan, revealing tourist excesses of the Costa Brava. All residential area is organized into a giant marina, supposed to be the largest in the world! Thus, all the houses are arranged along channels (24 kilometers in total) through the city like a modern Venice in the late 1960s (not very successful). Airport, hotels, kilometers of beach, commercial area, discotheques, needless to say more about the atmosphere in Empuriabrava. The only positive aspect is the great watersports numbers passable magnificent sea that borders the resort. But who does not care quickly pass their way, as this place exudes tourist resort on-fitted. Presentation of Empuriabrava. Located 2 kilometers from Castello d'Empuries Catalonia, Empuriabrava is one of the largest marinas in the Mediterranean with over 5,000 points of moorings and 40 km of canals. It was batit in the 60s in the tourist boom on a swamp. The summer population of about 80,000 inhabitants, while in winter the population falls below 5,000. Empuriabrava has several kilometers of beach, an aerodrome and many shops

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