El Jadida, seaside pleasures and heritage Among the seaside resorts of the coast of Morocco, El Jadida (formerly Mazagan) is far from the most famous on the tourist map ... However, this city does not miss assets : its architectural heritage, with first the entire legacy of the sixteenth century Portuguese fortifications, and beaches in particular draw visitors. A hundred kilometers south of Casablanca, the station is more easily accessible: a travel any stage found! Things to see and do in El Jadida The Portuguese city https://www.cityzeum.com/remparts-de-el-jadida particularly noteworthy. The set contained in World Heritage of Unesco, includes the solid fortress, the church of the Assumption (manuélienne fine example of architecture) and the tank: the latter, because of its size is impressive! The second highlight is the beach: beautiful stretches of sand, exposed to the Atlantic winds, are located both north and south of El Jadida. Remember that El Jadida also serves resort with activities that implies: water sports, fishing, sailing, golf ... Cuisine and restaurants In addition to traditional Moroccan specialties, seafood s' invite your plate: grilled sardines, sea urchins, fried ... many restaurants are clustered near the port and the major arteries of the city center. Facing the Atlantic climate, weather and oceanic could be! Winters are mild and wet, while the mercury rises in the month of May until September without reaching levels of scorching. At night, with the sea breeze, one door without problem a sweater! Identity Population: about 160,000 inhabitants Links Site of http: //www.vis