Edinburgh, the Scottish capital, is characterized by a constant economic development class to the ranks of the most prosperous cities in the UK. This success is accompanied by intensive tourism because https://www.cityzeum.com/vieille-ville-et-nouvelle-ville-dedimbourg Edinburgh has retained a first-rate heritage shared between old town (Old town) and new town (new town). Old Town is characterized by the full in Edinburgh hill that overlooks the iconic medieval castle old struggles of the Scottish capital. Below, another castle, the https://www.cityzeum.com/palais-de-holyrood-7652 Holyrood Palace, Scottish and English royal residence (the Queen of England is housed there during his visits to Scotland ), is a World Heritage Site by Unesco. The old town is notable for its moyenageux character, and we do not miss the St. Giles Cathedral, the renowned University of Edinburgh, and the Royal Museum. In the new town, an original neo-classical architecture of the eighteenth century gives its character to this area, pierced with large arteries: there are in particular are the National Gallery of Scotland.

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