Here is a country that holds a very special aura: a culture with singular features, a deep-rooted history, end of the world landscapes, the harshness of a climate drenched clouds and storms ... And so much the better because of Scotland's obviously not a very summer destination! A simple visit to Edinburgh weekend, a few days hiking in the Highlands or a trip to the remote islands of Shetland will provide you with unforgettable memories. The Scotland thus promises a trip quite atypical and yet so accessible! Discovery of Scotland Member of the United Kingdom, Scotland (Scotland) has a very particular culture after its deep Celtic roots. And if some elements of this culture are well exported, they are now parties to the imaginary attached to this country: the kilt, (including the port remains largely confined to Scottish Borders), whiskey (Scotch, more precisely) the pub (and stout), the bagpipes, the Loch Ness and the Highlanders daubed. Scotland is a land with a strong identity, driven by its inhabitants and supported by incredible scenery: wild Highlands and kilometers of misty moors, bogs, loch, the chateau-7652-inveraray castles perched on the edge of cliffs with peaks, chaotic coastal strung out sea to the Shetlands ... A beautiful terrain for hiking. The townspeople rejoice joining

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