If you aspire to discover new landscapes while staying in France, please visit the Dordogne which traces the history of the men who built it castles, country houses and castles. Things to see and do in Dordogne: Through the little alleyways and beautiful valleys, the Dordogne will reveal its secrets and its most beautiful places, such as: - The Cathedral of St. Sacerdos Sarlat is a building that is even more impressive compared to the narrow streets and houses around. It seems austere at first but she hides in his "heart" a harmonious blend of Romanesque and Gothic styles, northern and southern, which will not leave you unmoved. - Http:// The gardens of the imagination to Terrasson-Lavilledieu: If you've always dreamed secretly visit the wonderland of Alice, we recommend reserving a post noon to these gardens. You will have a guide who takes you through the thirteen themed gardens following a symbolic that you enter at the end of this wonderful journey. This gem is located in the Black Perigord, between Brive and Perigueux - The Manoir du Grand Vignoble: it was built a few kilometers from Bergerac, in the seventeenth on the ruins of an ancient fortification. Surrounded by a park that spans forty hectares, you can visit this lovely building and even stay in one of its modern rooms and enjoy traditional cuisine. Main events: The Dorgogne hosts several cultural events including: - The Festival of Sarlat Theatre Games: held in late July-early August, and offers original programming and v

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