Dominica belongs to the archipelago of the Caribbean, located between Martinique and Guadeloupe: possession of this island has repeatedly changed hands between European settlers, to finally end in the lap of the English crown. That is why today this independent country is part of the Commonwealth. Volcanic island like the rest of the arc of the Antilles, Dominica has particularly marked reliefs, especially in the south. The result is a rugged coastline and difficult, marked some untouched beaches and surrounded by clear water suitable experiences of -a-dominique diving. Dominica also remains particularly preserved in the interior, with some idyllic landscapes combining lush vegetation, many rivers and waterfalls, and a fauna of an extraordinary diversity: http: //www.cityzeum .com / national park-de-dreary three-pitons national parks were created to protect this rich natural heritage. A trip to Dominica Wedged between Martinique and Guadeloupe, Dominica does not have the same aura that these neighboring tourist in France. Small island still very wild, this destination is primarily for lovers of tropical nature, jungle and beautiful beaches ... diving, rafting, hiking are honored on the island, outdoor sport s' to their heart's delight! Relatively confidential, the Dominica has only a small number of conventional hotels. An offer