The Dodecanese is a group of Greek islands in the southeast of the Aegean Sea. Most of them are only a few kilometers from the Turkish coast. The best known of the Dodecanese islands is Rhodes, whose port was guarded by one of the seven wonders of the world, the famous Colossus. Just like many Mediterranean islands of Rhodes and the Dodecanese changed hands many times, enjoying each time varied cultural contributions: Greeks, Romans, Saracens, Byzantines, Venetians, then seat of the Knights Hospitallers up the sixteenth, the walls of Rhodes are the work. The island was then taken by the Ottoman forces, then became the nineteenth a land of refuge for many Jews ( '' little Jerusalem '') ... all these periods are reflected in the architectural heritage of Rhodes. The other islands of this group, less strategic and less populated, experienced a history less hectic but always in parallel with that of Rhodes. Each island is a different identity altogether, and it will be difficult to choose among the Dodecanese islands to visit. Organize a stay in the Dodecanese Like all Greek islands, those Dodecanese are a popular tourist destination, but to varying degrees: the attendance of the small Nisiros has nothing to do with that of Rhodes for example! Rhodes focuses all flight / hotel Dodecanese accommodation offers: the island is indeed has an airport that can be reached by direct flight from

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