The city of Dinard is a nice way to approach nature. the most beautiful seaside resort in Brittany, it attracts in every season of the travelers come looking for the time of a stay, a reconciliation with an idyllic setting. The appointment holiday in Dinard: pleasure, relaxation, wellness and discovery! Things to see and do in Dinard: Obviously travel to Dinard, it is above all an encounter with landscapes. But be aware that Dinard is also a city that has survived the centuries and keeps each stone that composes a fabulous heritage. A short tour of the village: Originally Dinard was a small fishing village away from the look of the tourists. It was not until the mid 19th century with the arrival of English families that buildings begin to emerge. The villas that comprise it are extraordinary. Eclectic style, they multiply the architectural references for all to enjoy. An architectural gem, they are now protected by a protection zone of the architectural, urban and landscape. Art galleries Dinard city is oriented towards art. We can count on no less than 21 galleries. Among them, the Gallery of the phonograph is quite interesting. (Address: 7 rue du Maréchal Leclerc - Tel: 02 99 46 60 66). It was created in 1986, making her the oldest gallery of Dinard. The gallery of figurative contemporary artists sometimes with trends in the abstract. The beaches of Dinard: the great beaches of Dinard make fun of all tourists. There are all possible activities to enable everyone to have a pleasant stay. On some beaches, it is possible to rent beach huts, beach tents, chairs ... Among the most famous include beaches: the beach of the Lock, where it is possible to watch animation