Cuba, Cuba. this mysterious country, no larger than an island, fascinate, intrigue and charm. He may be hard to live, there is no lack to attract the world so far. It is perhaps his appearance at once exotic and eventful past that attracts tourists. even if the dream beaches and beautiful hotels are certainly something to do! The island of Cuba, Socialist since 1959, has a cultural influence largely international music, rum, cigars, tourists are more and more from locally discover the Cuban culture. Tourism becomes one of the main economic activity of the country, showcasing its paces paradise of Caribbean island. It does not need to misunderstand the lives of Cubans, whose standard of living is very low: too often tourists are cut off from the realities of Cuba, gathered in the resorts them being reserved. Must Cuban Cuba is an island that is talked about in tourism and you will not be disappointed. Discover the mixed culture of Cuba, enjoy the beaches and natural sites of Cuba, lazing on the beach or adventure trip each find happiness in Cuba. Many Cuba stays are offered by tour operators: resort hotel facing the sea, discovery circuit or thematic tour, you'll be spoiled for choice. Discover the Cuban atmosphere and colonial architecture Havana, Trinidad, Santiago de Cuba, Cienfuegos, Santa Clara, Bayamo, to Baracora and Camaguey. To discover the origins of Cuban music and enjoy the sound of Cuba, made a trip to Santiago de Cuba. Beach lovers will focus Cayo Levisa, Varadero, the island of youth (including diving) or Guama. All around Cuba, there are more than a thousand islands and islets or you can sit to enjoy the ocean or you can visit. For those who would like to discover the interior of the island, or hiking in the hills, go in December

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