If the capital of Poland is Warsaw, the most beautiful city in the country is the general opinion Krakow , his second. The reason is simple: Krakow was lucky to escape the shelling and other massive damage caused by the Second World War, she was able to keep intact an exceptional historical heritage, composing all the charm of the city ... we are almost in an open-air museum! Things to see and do in Krakow: the must From the Grand Place, discover the historic center, architectural nuances and emblematic monuments of Krakow: a all World Heritage of Unesco! It continues with the visit of the castle and cathedral on Wawel hill, then stroll in the Jewish quarter, near the Jagiellonian University, the National Museum and Czartosky the museum (fine arts) ... a busy cultural program! Then come around Krakow the salt mines of Wieliczka, Auswitch and Museum ... Where to sleep? Of course, the more you stay close to the historic center, the better! The choice is wide, the rather expensive hotels overall, but hostels and homestays affordable the opposite. Do not forget that Krakow is a tourist town: better book has