Costa del sol

Costa del Sol is the name given to a part of the southern Spanish coast, Andalusia. If the interior of the region has an architectural heritage of interest (Seville, Cordoba ..., the coast is primarily based on the seaside leisure: since the 60s a number of stations dot the sea, often with little regard to aesthetics or coastal preservation. The assets of the Costa del Sol are clear: its evocative name recalls the warm climate of the region, bathed in sunlight and characterized by scarce rainfall, especially in summer. The succession of beaches (often crowded) all along the coast could only attract many visitors to enjoy sea with ideal temperatures. Malaga is the capital of the Costa del Sol resort itself also is the birthplace of Pablo Picasso; a museum dedicated to him. What choose accommodation on the Costa del Sol? The Costa del Sol, which stretches around Malaga, includes a range of resorts to more or less large. very tourist area, the summer success of these stations are checked each year for the month of July-August in particular, the Costa del Sol done without evil full of holidaymakers! That is why his book advance accommodation is strongly recommended in summer. To avoid the crowds, while enjoying more attractive prices, spring and late autumn are the ideal times to stay on the Costa del Sol. Not surprisingly, the lodging offer is

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