Want to get away from the routine and stress of every day, simply to fly to the island of Corfu, where you bask on the golden sand of the beautiful beaches that auréolent "the Emerald Isle". You will love what it has to offer as landscapes since it is located in western Greece and Albania and east of Italy. Things to see and do in Corfu: These are not areas to explore missing on the island. If you are the type who love large crowds and luxury hotels, you will not be disappointed. If you find your account because Corfu also satisfies all its visitors. To get an idea of ??places to discover, here is a list that can guide you: The island is home to hundreds of churches and monasteries, the church Agios Spyridon, St. Jason and Monastery Panagia Palaiokastrista. -Achilleion: It is a castle built in the 1890s and owned by Elisabeth of Austria, better known as the "Sissi". - Angelokastro: it is a Byzantine fort which rises 160 m from the ground, surrounded by the sea and is connected to the mainland by a narrow passage, there was a guard post which means that you have a panoramic view of the island. -Paxos: It is the smallest island of the Ionian Sea. It is unique because it is a small paradise that is very pleasing to the eye. Walking enthusiasts will be delighted to walk along the trails to access remote beaches. The corners where to sleep: The island of Corfu is known to be the paradise for tourists, so this is not the hotels it lacks: - http : J //