Sites and tourist attractions Cordoba Cordoba is a Spanish city located in the Andalusian Autonomous Community. This town serves as the capital of the region that bears his name. Its historic center is one of its most important sights. There are various religious buildings including the Cathedral which is an ancient Umayyad Mosque and Churches of fernandines and Alphonsine. The city encompasses many green spaces which the most important are the Gardens of Victory Gardens of Duke of Rivas and Gardens Juan Carlos. Holidays in Cordoba put you in the mood The city of Cordoba is known for its monuments but also for its festivals, for his life with the sound of flamenco and guitar sound, etc. Cordoba is also a sympathetic and nocturnal atmosphere supercharged population. This blend of cocktail enjoyable and captivating elixir immerse you in the warm atmosphere of Cordoba. Holidays in Cordoba are marked by the visit of monuments. The religious heritage includes synagogues, mosques, churches and monasteries, witnesses to the rich past of the city. There is also a civil heritage as the Palace of Viana. Archaeological remains are not left with Roman temples and mausoleums, minarets ... A holiday in Cordoba would not be complete without going to the Roman bridge or without touring the numerous parks and gardens. In the evening, find the historical center of the city in a different atmosphere where

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