Region Auvergne Department Puy-de-Dôme, no doubt, we are in the heart of France, where the reliefs of the Massif Central have prevented any public institution Therefore, keeping this landlocked area predominantly rural. Clermont-Ferrand exception to the rule: the only major city in the region has about a third of its population, or about 140,000 people, not counting its suburbs. Clermont is known for the originality of its monuments to dark shades, due to the principal construction material used, the stone of Volvic. Emblematic of this material, the Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral detaches from the rest of the city by the black arrows. All around the city rises the eroded hills of ancient Auvergne volcanoes, protected by a regional park: the opportunity to meet a succession of rural landscapes and beautiful nature hikes yard near Clermont. We will not fail once back sitting down around a few Auvergne specialties. Stay in Clermont-Ferrand and surroundings during a stay in Clermont-Ferrand, we alternate all the time and very easily between town and country: simple step during a tour in Auvergne or the contrary, base for the tour through the region, Clermont enjoys as much of its cultural activities as its many outdoor activities. This ambivalence is reflected in the accommodation offer of