Chutes Niagara

Old of more than 12,000 years, the falls are the best known and most visited in the world. More than 6.8 million liters of water per second are discharged with such power causing a huge uproar, you will be left speechless! They enjoy dual citizenship due to their situation between the United States of America and Canada. On the Canadian side, our destination, it is called "Iron Horse" due to its concave shape and offers the most impressive sight day or night from dusk since floodlights illuminate until midnight. These falls are located at the center of "Niagara Falls" an Ontario municipality. See Niagara Falls: A walk in the "Queen Victoria Park" is needed and even recommended as a first step to admire the falls. The park is very beautiful with its carpet of small flowers of all colors, green spaces so peaceful, worked its gardens and the stunning views of the cataracts. Then take the tunnel just below the falls, you will find observation rooms, you will feel inside avalanches. A few steps away you find the famous Skylon Tower, the view from a height of 236 meters is impressive. In this round, there are restaurants and shops and via its glass elevator you will discover little by little, aside from the falls, walks of city of Toronto, Buffalo and New York. Also, if you want to approach even more waterfalls, we recommend the "Maid of the Midst," a cruise that you