Third largest city in the US, Chicago is also an economic epicenter because it belongs to the prestigious "Industry Belt" (Manufacturing Belt). In other words, its inhabitants, the Chicagoans are proud of their city, especially since it concentrates a large number of international companies. gigantic city, visitors, failing to visit New York or Washington, will catch up by starting to discover this cosmopolitan city full! Discover Chicago remains one of the mythical cities of the United States, especially for the originality of its architecture, often innovative and inspiring standards of the country: the architectural styles succeed in the construction of buildings like skyscrapers ranging the neo-Gothic Tribune Tower in the neoclassical style of the Field Museum of natural history; Neo as monuments of this great metropolis are all relatively new, rarely predate the late nineteenth century. The image of Chicago today retains memories of prohibition, when the famous gangster Al Capone was rampant in the traffic of the city, although the city has greatly changed face since. The city center (Down Town) for its impressive buildings forest, the personification of its global financial power, located close to the shores of Lake Michigan, one of five Great lakes-7750 north American lakes. Chicago, a sprawling city Chicago is one of the largest cities. Due to the size of Chicago, there are very & e