Behind his innocuous facade and quiet village of tunes lies a story. Indeed, Cavaillon existed since time immemorial, it has been occupied since prehistoric times. Cabellion named as the Romans, is today known as "melon capital". Things to see and do in Cavaillon: As you lingered a bit on the objects around you in Cavaillon, you will discover that each of them tells a story. We will present you a few monuments of Cavaillon and some places to visit. First, dating from the 1st century Roman ruins, the Arc Antique de Cavaillon is in the city center. Engravings and ornaments it bears witness to the architectural beauty of the Roman era. Then, one of the most outstanding synagogues in France is synagogue of Cavaillon, a true masterpiece. Built in the eighteenth century, it is a museum since 1963. The decoration and architecture are strongly inspired by the Provence of the time. The walls in pink, gray wood paneling, musical instruments and seashell motifs everywhere, gold leaf adorning the major poles, the hanging chair on a cloud symbolizing the prophet Elijah, as you will ... pleasant discoveries in this beautiful synagogue. It should be noted that visits take place between May 2 and September 30, every day except Tuesday and 8h30à to 12h and 14h to 18h. Another historical monument is to see: Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Veran. You will find paintings from the nineteenth century, works of Seguin painter and works of Charles. The Cathedral is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 12am and from 14h to 18h, Saturday from 14h to 17h. To visit also the Hermitage chapel dating from the twelfth century, htt