Close to the Gulf of Morbihan and the Quiberon peninsula, Carnac could already boast of being exceptionally well-located in the beautiful southern region of the Brittany ... But the little town does not just make up the numbers, it is itself a must! Carnac is indeed known worldwide for its amazing alignments of megaliths that mark the entrance: a thick mystery remains around the site, which dates back thousands of years BC ... In addition to '' old stones '' Carnac has all the charm of Brittany stations, with the village full of character, small beaches and clear water, in short, enough to spend all his holidays! Things to see and do in Carnac megaliths: the major site of Carnac, impossible to miss these impressive alignments; to complete with the visit of museum of prehistory. Beaches: beautiful Brittany beaches, family-friendly, the clearer it spends her days without getting bored. The sea: swimming, fishing, water sports and sailing, the sea offers a range of activities which we would be wrong not to enjoy. Thalasso Carnac has a large thalassotherapy center, a bargain for a relaxing and fitness. Gastronomy and culinary specialties A lot of good places in the old center of Carnac as the side from the waterfront or in the vicinity. Sea products are well represented, but the restaurant range is diverse. Obviously, the best pancake houses are also present. Or sleep ? Therefore an accommodation choice is available, Carnac is accustomed to receive tourists. Hotels,

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