Cap Vert

No one does so well sung, spoken or described from Cape Verde Cesaria Evora that. The Barefoot Diva who died has made known his country in the four corners of the globe. She sang her beauty, her joy and sorrow, and since, Cape Verde, this piece of land continues to attract curious of all stripes who want to put an image on the Petit Pays. Discover Cape Verde Two strings of islands together make up the archipelago of Cape Verde, Barlavento islands north of the Sotavento islands south. All these islands are experiencing a volcanic origin and are lost off the African coast of Senegal and Mauritania, lost in the Atlantic Ocean. This position was conferred the rank of call for sailors between Europe and the Southern African land, sparking the interest of European settlers ... the Portuguese surrendered control of the area until 1975! Country widely mixed, European and African cultures have merged to create the peculiar identity of Cape Verde, symbolized by the diversity of its music, the melancholy morna (which has not ever heard singing Cesaria Evora). Cape Verde, officially called the Republic of Cape Verde is located in the Atlantic Ocean 500 km off the coast of Senegal This island consists of ten & i

Vidéo Ile du Cap Vert