Cap Ferret

Located south of the peninsula of Lege-Cap-Ferret in the Gironde, Cap Ferret is nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Arcachonique basin. Climb the 258 steps of his extended lighthouse of 53 meters, and enjoy the fantastic scenery of the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, an opportunity to fly over the look of nature that you can explore. After visiting the reservoirs Piraillan, a march of 6,000 meters, will take you to the "ABC of dunes" telling the story of the formation of dunes and eras flow. You will be accompanied by the sweet melody of migratory birds. Then you can picnic in the heart of a heavenly flora similar to that of Pres Salted of Arès-Lège. You will also find your happiness or entertainment shows that will delight the whole family. The pleasure of a long walk in Cape Ferret between sea, mountains, trails and beaches of the Atlantic Ocean is also certainly not miss. This shelter offers a safe haven for many species of birds, and extending over 50 hectares, you will discover a remarkable fauna and flora at the option of viewing tours and excursions it offers. More: http: //

Vidéo Bassin d'arcachon