If you like luxury, the world of the jet set, glitter and starlets Cannes is a destination for you. This worldly city attracts tourists from across the globe in search of living a luxurious stay. This makes all the renowned Cannes that is his very famous film festival that sustains the city under the projector lights for twelve days. The rest of the year, the city is a little quieter, but it does not lack so far to attract many tourists. Things to see and do in Cannes: All life in Cannes revolves around its famous international film festival, where you are going you will not fail to make you remember: posters on the walls, movie theaters, hotel names, restaurants and bars. Movie buff or not, the movie will be room somewhere in votreséjour in Cannes. Here are some sights not to be missed during your vacation Cannes: -The Croisette: the walk along the coast from Cannes is the iconic symbol of the city. It is arguably the most prestigious place in Cannes, there are the Palais des Festivals and Congresses, the art center Malmaison at number 47, at the Palais des Dunes 90-92 and many luxury hotels like the hotel Majestic in 10, the hotel Carlton at 58, the hotel Martinez in 73. La Croisette also houses several famous brands. Luxury enthusiasts do not miss to go for a stroll along the Croisette worth a visit. - Le Suquet: if you want to enjoy the Provençal atmosphere of Cannes go to Suquet, it is a question of the oldest Cannes Le Suquet is located on Mount Chevallier, in addition to. panoramic view that offers this neighborhood is home to many tourist sites: Castle Cannes which houses> Castre museum (Place de la Castre Le Suquet - Phone: 04 93 38 55 26), the church of Our Lady the Hope and the chapel of St. Anne - the quay Port Canto. if you are fond of yachts, you're going pl

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