On the northwest coast of Corsica, Calvi belongs to those cities whose economy is based on tourism. Calvi The port took refuge in a bay, while the city spreads to the end of a rocky point: it is in the end rises the http: // www. citadel of Calvi, emblematic of the place. This historic Upper Town, where visitors the former Palace of the Governors or -Cathedral-saint-jean-Baptiste-calvi-12996 Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, we go to the lower town, where the activities and outputs are combined, to the marina. Calvi also enjoy the beautiful setting of the Corsican coast between between points, cornices, sunny coves, plus the clarity of the water, ideal for diving Staying in Calvi is one of the great destinations in successful Corse: the small town is accessible by sea thanks to connections by ferry from the mainland, or by air, via the small Calvi airport, or those more distant from Bastia or Ajaccio (some low cost flights available). Of course, as everywhere in Corsica, Calvi full summer season is in July and August: a period in which we will take care of you book in advance: hotels all categories, loc