Calcutta Calcutta is the capital of the state of Bengal, east of the vast Indian territory. With Mumbai and Delhi, Calcutta is among the giant cities of the country, bordering overcrowding: the agglomeration which gathers fifteen million is not spared the misery and slums ... But Calcutta is also renowned for be intellectual capital, and brings together some remarkable monuments that never fail to arouse tourist interest: the Hindu temple Dakshineswar Kali, http: / / St. Paul's Cathedral illustrate the different religious influences of the city, while the Indian Museum and the http: // Victoria Memorial retrace its history and heritage, marked on one side by the Indian culture and the other by the British colonial era. All impregnated with a total immersion into the excitement of modern India. Travel to Calcutta: tips to know Calcutta is rich in monuments, but international tourists are still reluctant to visit this part of Bengal, while in Bombay, tourists began arriving long. Certainly there is still much to do in terms of infrastructure and safety side of town, but Calcutta is not altogether without charm. The city is embellished by these traditional-style buildings with their dome, plus many attractions such as the temple of Dakshineshvar the Kalighat Kali Temple, Birla Mandir Temple, or the Temple of Kali. Some are in