Bilbao in the north of Spain, this city is a point ideal base to explore the northern coast of the Iberian Peninsula. People come here to enjoy the beach, discover culture and soak in its mild climate. If you fail to choose your holiday destination, why not visit Bilbao this year? Visit Bilbao follow the guide! the largest city in the Spanish Basque Country, Bilbao is located in the north, down slightly from a few kilometers off the coast of the Cantabrian Sea, but still located at its beginnings (in 1300 ) on the banks of the river Nevion. This led to the sea played an important role in the future of Bilbao, whose port helped greatly to the enrichment of its inhabitants. However, the city is experiencing a real upturn thanks to its industrial development in the nineteenth century, an activity that the class at the time among the richest in Spain. the cons-coup is brutally feel in the 80s, when the city suffered the brunt of the industrial crisis. at the time of his history, Bilbao still has nothing to do with the cultural city and innovative that we know today; it is more like a wasteland before the municipality launches major rehabilitation project in 1989. He will result in the inevitable among other Guggenheim museum and architecture for the least original, become the new symbol of Bilbao. Tourism in Bilbao: the Gugg and architecture to honneurAujourd ay, when we talk about the city of Bilbao, one is immediately led to think the Guggenheim Museum, became a symbol for the city. The special feature of this museum is such that some tourists come to admire the avant-garde architecture of this curiosity. Since the advent of Gugg as it is called, Bilbao has seen many projects of architects as drugs than each other, which has led the city a new form of tourism: the architourisme.