Tarascon and Beaucaire face on the banks of the Rhone, still bound, despite the regional border that follows the course of the river: a PACA side, the other Languedoc- Roussillon. Provence to the east, south Camargue, the Beaucaire area is just beautiful. But back a bit on this city of about 15,000 residents. City of Art and History, Beaucaire is sometimes devalued compared to its neighbor Tarascon. Yet Beaucaire also has a history dating back to Roman times and was an important regional center of trade in the seventeenth, with the famous fair Madeleine. The walk through the old town is nice, full of sunshine, always with the castle's silhouette above the head. Do not miss around Beaucaire, the troglodyte abbey of Saint-Roman, unique throughout Europe of Where is.