Edifying city of southern Italy, south of Italy, Bari is a commercial hub facing the Adriatic, a hyphen to Greece and the Balkans. Evidenced by the amount of traffic to its port of passengers and the back and vien incessant ferries ... but Bari is not only a transit point. Indeed, the city is a stopover for its rich heritage, its beaches, its atmosphere; Briefly, what linger a while! Discover Bari and Apulia Puglia is well known for their rugged coastline and idyllic. The Gargano coast in the north is rocky but has many creeks or coves with sandy beaches. South of Manfredonia, the coast is low and sandy. from Bari along the party named Terra di Bari, alternating sand and parts of low cliffs particularly at Polignano a Mare. South of Monopoli and Otranto until the coast is mostly sandy with some rocky parts, further south, around the golf Taranto there are sandy beaches surrounded by pine forests. sights and attractions in Bari Bari is a city of Italy, capital of the province of Bari in Apulia, on the edge of the Adriatic Sea. It enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild, wet winters. In the spring, the city is sunny offering a haven of relaxation and pleasure. It is an old city of Byzantine origin, surrounded by walls. Narrow streets form a labyrinth bordered by pretty houses with fa & cce

Vidéo Centre de Bari