Bali, with its varied landscape of hills and mountains, rugged coastlines and sandy beaches, offer a very picturesque setting, combined with colorful culture, deeply spiritual and unique. Of all the islands of Indonesia, Bali remains the most touristy far and due: attendance is due to a government commitment to developing this destination since the 1970s success was the rendezvous, and the charms of Bali today continue to attract visitors from around the world. Things to see and do in Bali: the inevitable evocation of Bali immediately think of its beautiful beaches, concentrated in the south of the island, as most of the tourist infrastructure: the example is Kuta, its waves and lively nightlife. But the cultural life of the island is present, as shown in charmanteUbud, town center of Bali surrounds another specialty of the island landscape, vast rice fields floors. Further relief is accentuated seriously, the volcano active side of the island ensured worrying hiking and the hot springs of Banjar also an absolute must of the island. Bali is a haven for spa lovers, all kinds of treatments are widely available: body scrub with herbs and spices, massage, bath cream. You can also practice yoga in most tourist areas. The best yoga centers are located in Ubud and Seminyak. And then of course, apart from the beach you can enjoy many water activities: diving, surfing at Padang Beach, sport fishing in Benoa Harbour, Serangan or Kuta. Finally, Bali has become a popular destination for golfers: there are a total of five golf courses. A stay rich, complemented by the discovery of the culture of the inhabitants of the island! Key events in BaliLe absolute silence in Bali Day (Nyepi) is a very special day for the Balinese.

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