In the northwest of Switzerland, Basel (Basel) is the third largest city in the country: its suburbs beyond the borders, spreading to France and Germany. With an advantage of the Rhine harbor, Bale belongs to a flourishing European route since the Middle Ages. In crossroads position, it seems that Bale was able to inspire his situation exposed to various influences to keep an open mind which is verified directly when visiting the city. The number of museums is impressive, both devoted to the history of the city as arts, classic and contemporary. If the architecture of the city by this place a modern look, it eventually falls into the old historic center or in front of the cathedral to find the old Bale. A cultural visit to the undeniable wealth, ensuring a well filled weekend! Organize a stay in Basel At the French border, Swiss side Basel could not be more accessible because of its proximity, and provides a refreshing change of air, time for a weekend, for example. We begin by researching what to stay in Basel and solutions which are not lacking. Hotels are mainly grouped in the center or near the SBB railway station, on the right bank, in the neighborhood of the Messe Basel congress. Whatever the situation, http://www.basel.com/fr/welcome.cfm Basel is not a very large city and most of the movement