Bade Württemberg

Right in the southwest of Germany, Baden-Württemberg is one of the wealthiest countries of the Länder. Economic wealth on the one hand, the dynamics of Stuttgart image, but also a beautiful, historic and natural heritage, of which catch the eye of curious travelers, fans of romantic landscapes ... beautiful countryside and forests, the spa towns and castles, vineyards, lakes, all just steps from the France: Baden-Württemberg borders of Alsace. Must Baden-Württemberg The Black Forest (Schwarzwald) and the spa town of Baden-Baden Heritage cities such as Heidelberg or Freiburg im Breisgau. Stuttgart, active capital and pleasant. Vineyards and castles of the Baden campaign. Lake Constance on the southern border. Climate and seasons The climate of the region is continental, which means that the seasons are contrasted: the summers are hot, with a few storms, winters are cold and relatively dry, with temperatures around 0 ° C from December to March. Accommodation In general, it is best to book in advance your accommodation, of whatever type: hotels, hostels, homestays ... The campsites are an attractive and inexpensive to stay outdoors. In town, also think of the apartment rentals. Main events Munich has no monopoly of the beer festival: the second largest event of its kind held annually in Stuttgart, pints flow freely ... Identity Population: approximately 10.8 million of Habitan

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