The main destination in the Vaucluse is Avignon with its famous bridge in the world by the song and the Papal Palace, a witness to its past as the capital of Christendom in the Middle Ages. Avignon offers grandiose monumental, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. The city of Avignon is also well known for its important theater festival that takes place every year for over 50 years. AvignonVille history par excellence, she was included in the world heritage sites by. UNESCO because it has preserved effectively behind its walls, ancient architecture C. it is in this part & laquo; intramural & raquo ;, the walls so that we is the major attractions of Saint-Malo. Nicknamed the city of the popes because of popes facility from 1309 to 1423. His great papal palace proves a must during your Avignon incursion. the other symbol the city is the famous bridge of the twelfth century passed to posterity through the song & ldquo; Sur le Pont d'Avignon & rdquo ;. History of Avignon, cultures and traditions. Avignon is famous because it is the city in which the Popes fled to avoid corruption of Rome in the 14th century. The palace they built, & laquo; the Palace of the Popes & raquo; is the world's largest Gothic building, it is surrounded by great walls to keep away the plague and invaders. In medieval times, the city has developed as an important center of communication and trade. The Avignon bridge across the Rhone was one of only three bridges between the Mediterranean and Lyon. It is undoubtedly for its strategic location and ease of travel that Avignon was chosen by the papacy. Things to see and do in Avignon: the incontournablesOutre the Popes' Palace and the Bridge of Avignon, the biggest attractions are the Palace Square and the Place de l'Horloge, is where are grouped restaurants and cafés for visitors, they are naturally more expensive than in the rest of the city. Do not miss the museum