At the mere mention of Aswan, the imagination of the profane is filled with images of the mysterious East, captivating the Nile valley and the monuments of ancient Egypt. Today, this city located more than 800km south of Cairo in Upper Egypt is a major tourist center each year attracting crowds of visitors come to admire the monuments in the region or enjoy a river cruise. Besides its monuments Aswan is famous for its large dam controlling the Nile waters that particular need relocation or reconstruction of some temples like that of Abu Simbel or temple Isis in Philae. To see and do in Aswan: The traveler coming first in Aswan, far south of the great metropolises of north will first be struck to find such a large city there. Without the Nile and its riches, the city however, may have never emerged. Obviously, the best are the ancient monuments we just admired around the world. Thus the famous Luxor and Karnak temples that amaze with their rows of monumental columns and statues seeming out of another age. The souk of the city and the surrounding villages offer in turn a dive into the Nubian roots of Upper Egypt. proud people who have forever lost the land he once dominated. However, the Nubia Museum is there to remind and emphasize this part of the ancient long forgotten. The religious heritage is also very present with the imposing St. Simon Monastery Aswan 6th century and the mausoleum of Shah Ag