The Ardennes is surrounded by the Meuse, Marne, Aisne and Belgium in the north. It covers many areas of very dense forest. The main river is the river level Meuse.Au castles and forts to visit in the Ardennes: Cassine Castle, Sedan Castle, Castle Montcornet Château de Doumely, Château de Landreville, Royal School of Engineering Mezieres, the Fort Ayvelles, Fort Villy-la-Ferté, of Charlemont Fort, Castle Bazeilles, .... the churches and abbeys in the region include Abbey of Bonnefontaine, Mouzon Abbey, Notre-Dame de Signy Abbey, Church of Asfeld, Church Hauts Buttes, La Chartreuse du Mont-Dieu, Saint-Hilaire Church GivetLes museum Ardennes time for a cultural weekend: the Ardennes Museum, Rimbaud Museum, House of Slate, Forest Museum , War and Peace Museum in Ardennes, House of the last round, the house also Verlaine Museum, slate museum of Fumay, laineLes felt Museum to see other places in the department: Place Ducale, the fortifications of Rocroi , Hotel Beury, horse coaching inn of Launois-sur-Vence, Necropolis Noyers Pont MaugisLes main cultural events of the Ardennes: Puppet Theatre World Festival, medieval Festival of Sedan, Aymon Folk Festival, Festival Cabaret Vert, Le Festival ContrebandeLes tourist routes: Route Forests, Lakes and Abbeys, Route fortifications, Route Meuse legends and Semoy, Rimbaud-Verlaine Route, Route fortified churches of Thiérache, Porcien Weekend Road to green in the Ardennes with some beautiful sets natural, much forest and a still very rural country, the Ardennes seem predestined to be enjoyed by lovers of green tourism. Undeveloped, ls main cities of the department are Charleville-Mezieres and Sedan ... Otherwise, the clearer a stay in the Ardennes therefore pass the

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