Arcachon is divided into four quarters, each named after one season but also its color. The architecture in this city will surprise you with its originality and beauty, beaches will seduce you, its landscapes impress you, in short you will surely spend an unforgettable vacation in this beautiful city. Things to see and do in Arcachon: While the region is famous for its 5 beautiful sandy beaches: the beach of Arcachon with its little blue and white tents, it is closest to the city center, beach Eyrac with its 600 meters in length, the Abatilles beach with its rest areas and play area for children, Moulleau the beach meeting point of get up late and fishing enthusiasts or beach Pereire the largest beach with many activities and the beautiful view it offers on the peninsula of Cap Ferret But in Arcachon there are also many places to visit, we quote you in a few. First things Bassin d'Arcachon, located on the Landes de Gascogne. A beautiful lake open to the Atlantic Ocean. Go to Cape Ferret lighthouse where you can enjoy the pool, the ocean and the Landes forest. Then, to combine business with pleasure, make a detour to the famous castle Deganne. Located in the Moorish park on the forested dune winter city, today it is converted into a summer Casino, it was built in 1853 by Adalbert Deganne. This is a beautiful neo renaissance style mansion. The reception hall offers a wonderful panoramic view of the sea. also visit the Bird Island with its wooden huts perched, with his famous horses and

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