It is a beautiful region of France located in the southwest. Indeed, Aquitaine is not only known for the beauty of its cultural heritage but also gastronomic. Not to mention the pretty panorama, this breath of fresh air and all the colors of nature that you come across during our stay in Aquitaine! Explore Aquitaine Aquitaine occupies the entire south -west of France, a region known for its rich gastronomy, among confit, cassoulet, foie gras, ham, porcini, and the exceptional wines produced in the Bordeaux region; he is a bourgeois area account . many classified sites from the estuary of the Gironde, a long straight coastline, with the exception of the notch formed by the Arcachon basin, extends southward: these are the Landes de Gascogne and kilometers of sandy beaches, a vast pine forest. a rugged beginning to emerge south in the Pyrenees-Atlantiques, where Bayonne and Pau are the main cities of the Basque Country and Bearn, two areas with strong identities. northwest, Perigord and forests full of castles, classified villages, prehistoric sites like the Lascaux cave, while in the south the Lot et Garonne is dedicated to rural tourism along its many courses of water. The Aquitaine side and sea side towns terreDes heritage, a beautiful coastline, rich rural and intact natural areas, stay in Aquitaine takes forms quite different depending on the chosen destination. On the shores of the Gironde and Landes, via the Arcachon basin, resorts dotted the coastline. With endless beaches and forest areas in the region, all kinds of leisure there is hiking, biking, water sports, surfing, etc. Vacationers are plentiful in summer, so it is best to book accommodation early in the season: the offer is yet wide between classic hotels, tourist residences of all kinds, the many campgrounds and the

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