Perched on very high talent, Antwerp is a real fashion diva. She proudly wears the colors of luxury and seen march through the city and its most brilliant creators windows. For leisure, it does not lace: diamonds, museums and shops will make your head spin. Antwerp header and captivates those for whom fashion is a world. So come to lift the veil to discover all its secrets. History City of Antwerp in northern Belgium, Antwerp stands out above all for its important commercial port, on the banks of the Scheldt, which downstream leads to the North Sea and the Channel, the European maritime traffic intersections . The activity of the port of Antwerp is the main economic asset of the city, which took advantage of its prosperity: witness the richness of the architecture of the old town, with its Grand Place and its guild houses on which bati was from 1561 the impressive City Hall renaissance, one of the emblematic monuments with the Cathedral and its belfry classified by UNESCO. Antwerp is also known for its diamond district, for its mode of inventiveness with regard to the establishment of many creators, and as a city of art with the Museum of Fine Arts or the Rubens House. Things to see and do: the major tourist attractions in Antwerp Thanks to its long history and its wealth, the city of Antwerp is home to many historic buildings from different periods. Although this heritage also is not as b