The England, the oldest monarchy in the world, where Shakespeare, Newton, Darwin or Turner have emerged, also known as the "land of the Angles", the "country of the Rose", "Albion", or "Lloegyr". so sumptuous names for a beautiful country that will not leave you cold. Discover England No longer counts the number of activities that were invented here in England. Tourism, for example, is pure English invention dating from the nineteenth century, when the young nobility was sent across Europe during a journey, called the Grand Tour. In France for example and in Nice, in particular, we kept track of their multiple stays. Indeed, the English especially in the nineteenth century, made of the Baie des Anges their favorite place of resort and offered their name to the avenue that runs along the seafront in Nice and that we know today as the Promenade des Anglais . England to the world, is represented primarily by its capital, London, one of the most exciting global cities, totally '' global ''. But there is also the English countryside, incredibly well kept, small gardens (cottage) and vast areas of the last lords, castles, housing estates, the football fields. Britain is an endless curiosities deposit. Besides the capital, why not take a tour to Oxford, Canterbury, Liverpool, Porthsmouth.! You can choose from as many cities with different profiles. the biggest attraction remains Stonehenge, the mysterious stone circle in the middle of nowhere. to see and do in England Each centimeter England is a must The beauty of this country is world famous rich in sites, museums, monuments, is colossal.. nothing that to

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