Amérique du Nord

The conquest of America ... North! We often think that North America is only the United States. And what are you doing in Canada or Mexico? A crossing of North America provides a surreal journey through countered so different. Things to see and do: It depends on what one wants to do. It is true that North America offers a multitude of occupations. Whether one is for an entertainment room, museums or nature there will inevitably be a corner which will make us crack. Amusement parks: the United States is probably the most magical occupation. If you are a family, it can only appeal to all members. It must be said that this is the first country in the world to have launched the monumental theme parks Disneyland in 1955 in Southern California. A tip, go to Florida, near Orlando, this is where you will find the best amusement parks like Disney or SeaWorld. Among adults, it is advisable to discover Las Vegas, Scent of a Woman and contemplate the casino hotels that have is renowned. Zoos: In Canada, there are very nice well maintained zoos like Toronto. You can see the natural environment of different continents. This is one of the largest in the world and home to nearly 5,000 animals. Http:// The Calgary Zoo also offers a prehistoric park with dinosaur reproductions in actual size. Natural sites: In Canada, it is essential to discover the c

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