The Aisne is a department in the northern part of France named after the river that runs through it: Aisne. The department is one of 83 created during the French Revolution, from plots of the former province of Île-de-France, Picardy and Champagne. Most ancient forests have been destroyed in battle during the First World War. The landscape is dominated by masses of rocks with steep edges, groves, canals, valleys, forests and vineyards. These rocks appear everywhere in the region, but the most impressive are in Laon and the Chemin des Dames. The main cities of the Aisne (! Worth seeing) are Laon, Saint-Quentin, Soissons, Chateau Thierry ... During World War II many buildings were destroyed. Among the buildings that survived, you will have the chance to admire the medieval churches of Laon, Braine, Urcel, the ruined castle of La Ferte-Milon, castles that have survived (some were used as a prison), as Vadancourt Castle, near Saint-Quentin. River tourism is not left in the Department with the channel of Saint-Quentin. In 2007 a large tourist accommodation infrastructure, Center Parcs is located on the Ailette Lake, close to many tourist attractions like the Cathedral of Laon, the Chemin des Dames and the castle of Coucy. Stay green in the Aisne The rural departments are no longer as much on the sidelines of tours before, and this largely due to the increasing popularity of green tourism. And in Aisne, there is greenery just as well as beautiful natural areas, ideal for a stay in the country! For a great weekend or longer vacation, the car is the best way of transportation to browse rural Aisne in minute

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