This is an Italian region that is still often away from tourist routes, and one wonders why. The Abruzzo territory is largely made up of mountains, since the area stands on the Apennines, where massive magnitude takes more ... So many peaks reaching over 2,500 meters, and it is that loses altitude to reach the pleasant Adriatic coast and its long sandy beaches: a rather exciting program! Things to see and do in Abruzzo: the must https://www.cityzeum.com/tourisme/parc-national-des-abruzes The Abruzzo National Park remains a must, especially if you love nature! mountain landscapes, lakes and forests, protected flora and fauna still alive: chamois, lynx, bears, wolves ..! In general, the Abruzzo region will delight lovers of green tourism ... embellished outdoor sports in summer (hiking, trekking, etc ...) and winter (cross-country and alpine skiing, snowboarding). change of atmosphere on the coast, for example https://www.cityzeum.com/tourisme/pescara-16 Pescara, known for its great beaches, where the atmosphere is in full swing during the summer season (July-August) . All seaside pursuits are so in tune. Climate On the coast, the climate is typically Mediterranean, ideal for enjoying the beach from May until late September, with sun and heat. More one sinks in Abruzzo, more is gained altitude: the climate gradually becomes pleasant, cooler in summer, cold in winter, with heavy rainfall. Identity Population: about 1.3 million Language: Italian Capital and regional dialects: L'Aquila Links Site of http://www.abruzzoturismo.it/ tourist office in the Abruzzo region Sites Tourist activities and Abruzzo Abruzzo are in bor