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  • Sochi: prepare your winter Olympics

    It is in Russia that will hold the Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi. A city that few know, trials which sometimes turn to the unusual, records and controversies in perspective, Sochi promises to be one of the major events of the year. Of course, the Winter Olympics are less noise than the summer Olympics: fewer participants, fewer countries, often less charismatic sports, etc ... However, the Winter Olympics will take place as every 4 years, so for fans and the curious, this remains an event not to be missed. Summary 5 points: 1. But where Sochi is? A question that immediately stands out. [...]

  • Russia practice, know

    & diams; Identity card & diams; Entry requirements & diams; Silver & diams; Transport & diams; Health & diams; Security & diams; Seasons & diams; Daily life & diams; Useful sites Identity Card: Capital Moscow People 143,000,000 Constitution: Federal Republic Language Russian Religion Orthodox Christians, Muslims, Christians Protestants Entry requirements: Visa : To get a Russian visa you to the pre either an invitation from a Russian travel agency, a member of a Russian family, a hotel or institution. [...]