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  • A vacation rental in the Basque Country

    One of the regions of France that attracts the most people, the first fine days, but why not, quite off season: the Basque Country ! At the southwest of France, the Basque Country is known for its landscapes, its resorts, its beautiful beaches and the Pyrenees mountains in the background, its culinary specialties so typical and its cultural and architectural features giving its character to the area. A holiday destination of choice, the Basque Country is full rental homes, villas, apartments or accommodation unusual. where to book a vacation rental in the Basque Country? To help you make [...]

  • Ski holiday in the Pyrenees: Top 10 stations

    The Pyrenees, second highest mountain in France after the Alps, he also attracts large numbers of tourists fond of skiing and various and varied winter sports. Situated between France and Spain, not to mention the small principality of Andorra, the Pyrenees have a major ski offers, through quality stations: large field, snowy slopes in season, beautiful mountain scenery, pretty villages and friendly atmosphere. Another advantage of the Pyrenees ski resorts are less than stormed Savoie or Haute-Savoie for example, and the soaring prices of accommodation here less sensitive, resulting in price [...]

  • A campsite in Hendaye: our best addresses


    In the Basque country, on the Atlantic coast, Hendaye is an interesting frontier town on the one hand for its beaches, its marina and fishing, but also for its thalassotherapy and quality complex waves for surfers to the coast. The beautiful seafront has become characteristic of the Basque style tapas tasting proposed city will remind the near Spain Hendaye is a mood! The pleasures of the sea, ubiquitous in Hendaye (and are not limited to the summer ...), add the discovery of the city, also in the region and the Basque culture in general. In the south of France, Hendaye also enjoys a splendid [...]

  • A campsite in Bidart: our best addresses

    The Basque Coast makes it more than a dream for the holidays, and the region has many followers in the first fine days. Between Biarritz and Saint-Jean-de-Luz, the two coastal stars, another station deserves your attention: Bidart . Like her peers, Bidart lives in close links with the sea: the town has six beaches in total, each bathed by the Atlantic and welcoming some nice waves ... including the famous Parlementia, which also falls on the neighbor Bidart, Guéthary. Surfing enthusiasts know Bidart So there Bidart and its Basque gaits, its restaurants and cafés, beaches, swimming and surfing, [...]

  • Biarritz, the seaside city


    Because it's used for several decades, the seaside town of Biarritz has also become a very trendy city. The accommodations are quite charming and comfortable. The price of a night in the city of Biarritz revolves around at least 45 euros. On Gaston Larre Street is the Sapphire, one of the cheapest hotels in the city of Biarritz.Vous benefit of two star rooms with private bathrooms available. The latter is set in a privileged location near the beach. Les Alizés, located on the rue du Port Vieux, is also one of the most advantageous facilities in the city of Biarritz, if you consider the cost. You [...]

  • A gastronomic stay in Bayonne

    Visite guidée de Bayonne

    If you go to Bayonne, is the opportunity to taste the famous local ham. For landscape, rivers Nive form charming banks in the town. Many of Bayonne hotels are located in the city. Cheap housing show a rate of at least 35 euros. In the most prestigious hotels, prices can go up to 200 euros. Because of its competitive prices, check out San Michel of St. Catherine Street. You reasonable accommodation close to the train station. You will also find the hotel of hoops on the new Port street offers great rates. Try to see the Mercury, which is located on the avenue Jean Rostand. You will discover a friendly [...]

  • Find a hotel in Anglet

    Anglet is a charming town that enjoys a privileged location beside the sea. It invites visitors to immerse themselves in the fascinating Basque culture. The city is also facing thalassotherapy. These aspects can be kept into account when finding a good hotel map Anglet. In preparing your accommodation in Anglet, you must of course take into consideration your budget knowing that the city offers hotels in all categories. We must be aware that the hotel price is higher during the summer season. Besides the hotel rates skyrocketing in this time of the year, we also know that attendance is important. [...]

  • Explore Pau, a garden city.

    Pau offers its visitors prestigious museums and wonderful, panoramic views of the Pyrenees and an unforgettable stay in different hotels. Both the design Parc Beaumont Hotel at the charming hotel Mercure Villa Navarre, you can enjoy the Spa, the heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi. The mid-range hotels are the most numerous. For about 85euros you can you stay in well-equipped rooms, near the sports stadium, the Best Western La Palmeraie. If you are a player, go to the Best Western Continental located near the casino. Most 2étoiles hotels have an average tariff of 40 euros: the Atlantic, the Central [...]

  • An invigorating stay in Les Eaux-Bonnes

    In the city of Les Eaux-Bonnes, there is first the hot springs which it takes its name and walks around the city to admire the gardens and discover architectural jewels. That being said, you can also practice winter sports like skiing and ski jumping in this county. Stays on site start at 50 euros. You will find mostly family friendly establishments and on the outskirts of the town. Le Picors hotel at No offers great rates plus an indoor swimming pool and internet access. It has different categories of rooms, including quadruple rooms. A Borce, you type Bergoun house 'Bed And Breakfast' with sauna. [...]

  • Hendaye, quality accommodation in the Basque Country


    A destination of choice for discovering the Basque coast, Hendaye houses a number of hotel establishments the majority provides access to sandy beaches. On the seafront, between the port and the beach, Ibaia Serge Blanco hotel offers three-star accommodation with an outdoor pool. Villa Goxoa Hotel is a well known hotel with travelers online. Also in the sea, the Hotel Bergeret Sport and Hendaye Campanile offer a two-star accommodation. Located near the Spanish border, 3 km from the center of Hendaye Hotel Thalassothérapie Serge Blanco has a spa, a thalassotherapy center and two pools. Always close [...]

  • A holiday dedicated to discovering the heart of the town of Anglet

    As part of the Basque province of Labourde Anglet is a French commune of the Aquitaine region. At the heart of her nest famous and luxurious hotels. Nearby tourist sites, there are complex such as Novotel Biarritz and the Residence Maeva Mer et Golf. The first is a 3 star establishment, ideal for family holidays or for a weekend. At 30 minutes from San Sebastian, you will enjoy the beaches of Anglet which is only 4km from the hotel. The second by cons, is a beautiful property where the smile and the warm welcome stand as you enter its precincts. For one night in Maeva Residence Mer et Golf, you [...]

  • A campsite in Saint-Jean-de-Luz: our best addresses

    Without a doubt, Saint-Jean-de-Luz is one of the most beautiful stops that we can do in the Basque country ... for many it is the most beautiful , period! It must be said that Saint-Jean-de-Luz has charm to spare ... around the small harbor basin, in the alleys of the old town, with typical facades of the old houses region qu'arborent , strolling in the markets, near the castle of Abbadia or Place Louis XIV ... Saint-Jean-de-Luz is also the sea and all these pleasures. The small coastal town becomes one of the resorts most prominent of the Basque coast. A beautiful beach protected by a bay, [...]

  • 5th Salon Minerals Fossil Soumoulou

    Organized by FOSSIL MINERAL combination PASSION This fifth edition will host this year more than 25 professional and amateur exhibitors from France and abroad. They will have the pleasure to present to the public the wonders of the Earth from of the hexagon and around the world. The local heritage will not be forgotten because many specimens of the Pyrenees and the foothills will be exposed to meet ever more enthusiasts but also educate newcomers and young people. The theme this year is the quartz. To illustrate this we will present the Val d'Azun (Hautes-Pyrénées) which conceals unsuspected [...]