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  • The history of ... Portgual broadly

    Not easy to summarize the rich history of Portugal in a few ines ... however, it is always interesting to be aware of the major events that have marked the history of the country that we visit. To us then we dive deeper into the periods that excite us. Antiquity: The people of Lusitania are mainly of Celtic origin, in ancient times they exchange with the Greek, Phoenician and Carthaginian . The Romans imposed their rule in 140 BC and remain until Vth century . During the barbarian invasions Lusitania pass into the hands of alains, the Swabian, Visigoth before being conquered by the [...]

  • 10 sites to check before leaving Portugal

    Due to its rich cultural heritage and its proximity to France, Portugal is one of the leading destinations for French tourists. Not to mention its mild climate, its excellent cuisine and its varied landscapes, you'll understand that you have to go to Portugal! So to whet your mouth here is a selection of ten sites whose visit is essential. Discover Portugal 1. Tourist office Portugal VISITPORTUGAL is the official website of tourism in Portugal, the site is available in several languages ​​including French. You will find here all information essential to the smooth running of your stay [...]

  • Lisbon practice, know

    & diams; Identity card & diams; Silver & diams; Transport & diams; Health & diams; Security & diams; Seasons & diams; Daily life & diams; Useful sites Identity Card: People 545 000 hab . Country Portugal Language Portuguese Demonym: Lisbonnin, Lisboners or Lisbon. agglomeration of the Population 2245000 hab. Silver Currency Euro Payment Cards credit card Visa or Mastercard widely accepted . Budget stay 1 Week 300-600 Euro Restaurants Cheap : less than € 8 / person Average : 10to-15 € / person Premium [...]

  • The most beautiful cities of Portugal

    Portugal is a country that tourists are more and more want to explore their surroundings but also for its historical and cultural wealth. Here are just for you the Top 10 most beautiful cities of Portugal to visit a priority during your stay on the land of tradition and discovery. Lisbon Portugal's first city to visit is Lisbon, the capital. With its many activities, its authentic charm, narrow streets lined with restaurants and bars, Lisbon is a very pleasant city full of riches Porto Porto is a Portuguese city that is recognized among all for his incredible pier lined with small [...]

  • Selection: 10 Cheap hotels in Lisbon

    It's easy to stay cheaply in Lisbon, you will find a plethora of small hotels and residencials through town. The rates for a single room are around 20 euros, and for a double room 30 euros. One of economical solutions for lodging in Lisbon are residencials the residencials are generally cheap hostels offer beds in dorms and private rooms. Cheap Hotels in Lisbon city center, Marques de Pombal The following hotels are located in the center of Lisbon, about 15 to 20-minute walk from the historic center. Since the metro stations Marques de Pombal Picoas Arroios Intendant, Anjos, it takes less [...]

  • Selection: 10 Cheap Hotels in Porto

    Découverte de Porto

    The second city of Portugal attracts more and more people, it is an exotic destination while being close to France. The solutions to be housed cheaply abound: hotels, residencial and cheap hostels, guest-houses . It is best to book your accommodation in advance on Porto because these small cheap places are sold out rather quickly between April and October. Cheap Hotels in the city center of Porto Let's start our tour of cheap hotels in Porto with the Pensao Residencial LIS , a pension located in the center of Porto, near the historic center and public transport. Hotel Pensao Residencial [...]

  • Esposende all to book your vacation rentals

    Esposende, Portugal, is a destination of choice for a stay with family or friends. It has a beach paradise, located in the north of the country. To benefit, plan a budget of € 700 a week for your holiday if you stay a week. With this, you can rent an apartment or a house furnished and equipped kitchen, the bathroom, the living room ... Otherwise, the majority of accommodation establishments are located by the sea or on the beach. There are such villas that sleep up to 6 persons between 80 and 200 € per night and from 300 € per week, depending on the requirement luxury. There are also houses with [...]

  • Find a hotel in Porto

    Découverte de Porto

    Accommodation and tourist seasons in Porto Second among Portuguese cities, Oporto is as much on the rise as its rival, Lisbon. In the Douro region, a few kilometers of the north coast of Portugal, Porto attracts for its unparalleled scenery, a town on the hillside, on the banks of the meandering river, its architecture, its atmosphere and its local products and gastronomic course wine: not returning Porto loaded with at least one bottle of its famous wine, port? More prosaically, Porto also represents an opportunity for an exotic holiday and easy to access, both in terms of travel time in terms [...]

  • Portugal practice, know

    & diams; Identity card & diams; Entry requirements & diams; Silver & diams; Transport & diams; Health & diams; Security & diams; Seasons & diams; Daily life & diams; Useful sites Identity Card: Private th Lisbon People : Approximately 10 million . Constitution: Parliamentary Republic Language Portuguese . Religion Catholicism Entry requirements: Visa : no, national identity card or passport valid . Passport : no, national map proper identification . Silver Currency Euro Payment Cards credit card Visa or [...]

  • Why not spend the weekend in Lisbon?

    It is not enough that weekend to tour the city of Lisbon but it's not bad! for it will be organized and plan a route to avoid losing time through the town 36,000 times! Between its historic center, its beautiful beaches and downtown animated, it will do everything! Lisbon is a city that has a very rich history, it would be a shame to come here without the museum tower. So spend a day on their visits. In the program the National Tile Museum, the National Museum of Ancient Art and the Museum of the Gulbenkian Foundation. To avoid a cultural overdose, you can punctuate your artistic journey with [...]

  • Find a hotel in Lisbon

    Accommodation and tourist seasons in Lisbon Among European capitals, Lisbon on the rise: the city has become a popular destination for short stays including a weekend or three days to visit the Portuguese capital, while with its rich culture and beautiful surrounding region, Extremadura, Lisbon has largely what retain longer visitors. The latter would also wrong to deprive because Lisbon remains a relatively affordable city in terms of budget. Served by many low cost flights, the return is not exorbitant. On site, good news, the Lisbon accommodation is generally considered quite affordable, [...]

  • Enjoy specials on last minute hotels in Porto

    Découverte de Porto

    To fully enjoy a holiday stay in Porto, it is essential to use travel sites that offer deals on last minute bookings services. You can find there a hotel room with rates up to less than $ 49. Thus, each traveler can choose a luxury destination, or a vacation last minute to be in line with expectations and desires. If the future traveler wants to find an amazing deal last minute, he n ' has to perform a single click to find what he seeks either a flight, a complete stay which includes a ticket and a hotel room, or a cruise can fit the budget with bargain prices any competition. So, organize [...]

  • Find a hotel in Portugal.

    Accommodation and tourist seasons in Portugal. The hotels in Portugal are classified into several categories: pensão (pension), which is a cheap accommodation, albergaria: a small hotel, the residencial is a hotel without restaurant, which is the estalagem so chic inn and the pousada, very chic hotel. You'll find a bit of everything in a variety of price levels, you were looking for a comfortable hotel of good standing or a single bed in a dormitory for nothing. During the tourist season from June to October prices can increase dramatically. Making reservations is recommended. Overall the reception [...]

  • What budget provision for travel 2 weeks Lisbon?

    What budget provide for a stay in Lisbon? Good news, Lisbon remains an affordable destination despite its tourist success. Even budget will manage to navigate during a stay in the Portuguese capital. Count at the bottom: in a youth hostel, one draws around 15 euros a night in the dorm. A comfortable hotel or a nice guest room are around 30-50 euros per night in a double room, so nothing excessive. In addition, one enters higher categories. Culinary options, it is easy to eat around 5 euros on the go or in the 10 euros in Lisbon's taverns. 15 euros allow a good meal in a restaurant. The price [...]

  • Tips for finding a hotel Evoramonte

    Découvrir l'Alentejo

    Évoramonte Castle, which stands on a hill was built in the 14th century Portugal. A historic relic to visit in the medieval village of Evoramonte. It is surrounded by knotted ropes in the middle of the facade. Among the sights to discover, the strong colored yellow that was recently restored. To visit, there are some nearby hotels with an average tariff of 60 euros. Among them, the Monte da Fazenda few kilometers of Evora on the N18, or the Monte Alentejano in Vila Nova de Milfontes, a very friendly hotel in the countryside. For a higher budget, you can choose between luxury hotels like the Hotel [...]

  • The history of Lisbon ... broadly

    Not easy to summarize the rich history of Lisbon in a few lines ... however, it is always interesting to be aware of the major events that have marked the history of the city that we are visiting. To us then we dive deeper into the periods that excite us. Antiquity: The Lisbon region is inhabited since Neolithic times by pre-Iberian populations as evidenced by the megalithic dolmens and menhirs still visible around the city . The small town of Olissipo is part of the Roman Empire under the name of Felicitas Julia, is a Roman municipality law ie that it is politically autonomous territory [...]