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  • Traveling in Peru: what to see, what to do?

    Circuit, culture et aventure au Pérou

    Arriving in the land of lamas, you discover a diverse country that offers both the highest navigable lake in the world, the Amazonian immensity of km of coast Pacific or the beautiful scenery of the Andes. Lima At the edge of the Pacific Ocean, the Peruvian capital enjoys a temperate climate all year round and is known for its beaches surfers stormed during the summer. It is nice to visit Lima with its first historic center dotted with buildings dating from the colonial era such as the Lima Cathedral on Plaza Mayor. The leading areas of the city, meanwhile, are on the edge of the [...]

  • Everything to prepare your trips Nazca

    Circuit, culture et aventure au Pérou

    Formalities For nationals of the European Union, a passport valid for six months is required to stay there for 2 months. However, tourists can negotiate to stay 3 months or more. They then receive an immigration card they must get to the exit. Health and Safety The health concerns are mostly related to food. It is therefore recommended not to consume raw food or ice. There is no compulsory vaccination, but it is important to update the universal vaccines. Caution is the best weapon to face security problems. It is necessary to pay particular attention to pickpockets. It is even better [...]