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  • A weekend in Helsinki: a practical guide

    Helsinki and its archipelago are the gateway to the majestic and enchanting Lapland. His domination of the Gulf of Finland offers an ideal setting to explore the city. These 300 islands are treasures to discover for all nature lovers. The city, itself, has several tourist attractions such as religious buildings and testifying of the ecclesiastical past of this capital, or to museums rich in historical and cultural collections. But the real heart of this tourism is probably the proximity to nature. The many parks and forests make this destination an undeniable asset to the antipodes of its architecture. [...]

  • Tips for visiting Helsinki

    In the Finnish capital, there are more que70 art galleries which organize throughout the year, Finnish and modern art exhibitions. There are also 80 museums of which the best known are the City Museum, the Military Museum, the Design Museum, Ateneum Art Museum and the Museum of Natural History. In addition, Helsinki is home to several churches and cathedrals of different styles. Visitors can enter churches and admire their architectural styles. The majority of Lutheran churches but also Catholic and Orthodox churches, one finds particularly the largest Orthodox church in Western Europe. There [...]