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  • Stroll through the beautiful city of Ghent

    Facades de Gand

    For your next vacation consider visiting Ghent in the heart of the Flemish region in Belgium. Follow signs for the road to St Bavo's Cathedral. First great place to visit. A Gothic ruin, dating from the 13th century. After winding its 444 steps, you will have a first idea of ​​the splendor of this city through its panoramic view. Once back down, take the docks legendary lily. En route to the castle of the counts. A medieval building dating from the 12th century. Follow the path of the Design Museum, the museum is a successful marriage between ancient and modern. Other architectural and cultural [...]

  • Ghent night festivities of the city

    Facades de Gand

    Discover the charm of the night during your stay in Ghent. This beautiful Belgian city will offer you a unique chance to party otherwise. A change of scenery. Enjoy a good coffee, the rhythms of good music. Enjoy a beer in a splendid waltz Belgian traditional dance. Thrill to the sounds of top DJs melodies. Ghent offers you a chance to party every night, a total emotional release until dawn. Go to the famous Patershol district, one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the city. Rub shoulders with the most renowned restaurants international gastronomy, Flemish or even Asian. Take the path of Sint-Baafsplein [...]

  • Nieuwpoort-Bad: everything to book your holidays

    Situated on the Belgian coast, the town of Nieuwpoort-Bad is an ideal destination for a stay near the sea. If you plan to spend your holidays, the budget you have to provide is 600 € per week, on average, for accommodation, catering and activities. On site fully enjoy a walk along the shore or a boat ride. If you love water sports, you will also have the opportunity to do windsurfing, surfing or yachting. You can also visit tourist attractions which are the most recommended King Albert of the monument and the locks of Gazenpoot. For your accommodation, choose from the hotels downtown that are [...]

  • Book a hotel in Bruges and pleasant stay in the city


    or Bruges as the Venice of the North, is a tourist town because apart from the fact that it is accessible by train, boat or Ostend airport, there's also nice to stay there or 'spend a weekend. the wide selection of hotels, located in the historical center, offers many starting points for exploring the city by carriage, on foot or by boat. With its many hotels, this resort is ideal for businessmen, families, travelers who like to live a romantic, gourmet or cultural city hopping weekend. How to book a hotel in Bruges? The best solution is to make an online hotel booking to make a choice of [...]

  • The types of hotels in Bruges


    For canal enthusiasts, medieval ruins of old mills, Bruges is the perfect destination to satisfy this passion for beautiful stones. Thus, this town with its cheap hotels offers several accommodation types who enjoy the wonders of the city. In fact, during a stay, it is quite possible for her hotel room 2 or 3 star restraint among our hotel specials visit the museum of the wonderful Palace of the Liberty of Bruges. Among the options available to visitors, they can also choose between a romantic hotel in the building of stage or opt for a hotel luxury of old and bourgeois look. It is also possible [...]

  • Find a hotel in Bruges.


    Accommodation and tourist seasons in Bruges. City tourist par excellence, Bruges has everything you need in accommodations. Its comfortable hotels and excellent fine cuisine unanimous. All the classic range of accommodation is represented in Bruges, AJ, B & B, hotels for all tastes and all budgets, small family hotel, boutique hotel, from 1 to 4 star luxury hotels. Accommodation in Bruges is relatively expensive, rates increase during the tourist season from May to September, remember to book in advance to get the best deals. Which hotel at what price? The budget accommodation in Bruges. [...]

  • What part Ypres sleep?

    In the town of Ypres, the hotel industry is quite developed. It offers to receive visitors in different types of accommodation including twenty hotels. However, it is also possible to stay in a bed and breakfast for a higher rate or in a rental home. Usually one night is between a little over thirty euros to 150 euros. Note that the hotels in town are cheap compared to hotels campaigns that cost up to 120 euros and more for the night as the hotels gourmet. Learn more about Ypres before booking your hotel Ypres is located in Belgium, a Dutch-speaking city in the Flemish region, the 5th West [...]

  • What part Zeebrugge sleep?

    Zeebrugge, it is still rare to find hotels in the city center. It is advisable for travelers to make reservations on the Internet before joining the premises to make a brief comparison of hotels, characteristics and situations hotels. Among the most popular hotels in the city, there is the Hotel Atlas, Formula n1 Budget and Hotel Monaco. It is also possible, however, to stay in bed and breakfast as the Bed and breakfast Beaufort-Zeebrugge which stands at the heart of Knoche-Heit. There is also the Spaniënhof which is in a distance of just under 5 km Duke downtown Zeebrugge. Learn more about [...]