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  • The most beautiful towns in Croatia to discover or rediscover

    Croatia attracts more and more tourists come to enjoy its beautiful beaches or romantic cities in the rich historical heritage. The architecture of certain neighborhoods reflects the whole culture of this beautiful country with unquestionable treasures. Among the outstanding heritage, we can retain some of these wonderful cities that we never get tired of visiting. Split When we speak of the beauty of the cities of Croatia must clearly address its capital, Split, also identified as one of the largest cities in the region. In the center, we discover an impressive architectural complex with [...]

  • Croatia practice, know

    & diams; Identity card & diams; Entry requirements & diams; Silver & diams; Transport & diams; Health & diams; Security & diams; Seasons & diams; Daily life & diams; Useful sites Identity Card: Capital Zagreb People : 4284889 hab . Constitution : Parliamentary Democracy Language Croatian Religion Catholicism Entry requirements: Visa No, French national identity card or valid passport is sufficient for a stay of less than 3 months . Passport : no, national map proper identification . Save: [...]

  • 10 sites to check before leaving for Croatia

    Here is a selection of ten sites to prepare your trip to Croatia and learn a little more about this destination, or you can combine cultural tourism and beach holidays relaxation. Discover Croatia 1. Tourist Board Croatia On the official website of the tourism office of Croatia discover this beautiful country, its nature, its history, its gastronomy, classified sites on the World Heritage List UNESCO, islands and charming ports. Please also read the various sporting activities and information essential to the smooth running of your stay. Finally, the site also can book online your accommodation [...]

  • The history of Croatia ... broadly

    Not easy to summarize the history of Croatia in a few lines ... however, it is always interesting to be aware of the major events that have marked the history of the country that we are visiting. To us then we dive deeper into the periods that excite us. From ancient times to modern times: Croatia is at the crossroads of major cultural spaces that turn any play various influences on the country. The territory has been occupied since the Stone Age by isolated groups before being inhabited by the Illyrians, Celts and then colonized by the Greeks. A real unity takes shape during the [...]

  • Stroll through the streets of Split (Croatia)

    This is an original idea for your next stay abroad, the discovery of the city of Split in Croatia during a lovely walk between its streets. You will have so much to see and do and you will regret not having enough time. In front of the city walls, admire the beauty of the bronze statue of Gregory of Nin, called "Split good luck." Opposite one of the entrance doors of the Palace of Diocletian, called the golden door provides access to one of the picturesque monuments of Split. This door is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since the 80 A further, in one of the streets near the palace, you will be [...]

  • The sumptuous Dubrovnik


    Book your flight to the magnificent Dubrovnik in Croatia. Enjoy a stay in the heart of a pleasant kind. The buildings of a pre-Romanesque and Baroque architecture, the most famous in the world. At the start of the legendary walls of the city, with a length of over 1,500 meters. An opportunity to contemplate the five towers built to protect the pearl of the Adriatic. Do not miss the tower Minceta. Luckily you will attend a Croatian wedding. Continuing your way a little further, you will be amazed by the grandeur of the palace Sponza. Residence all the old documents of the city, drawing all its [...]

  • Find a hotel in Croatia.

    Accommodation and tourist season in Croatia. In Croatia there are 4 main types of accommodation, apartments for rent, small private hotels, large resort hotel three stars for mass tourism, and the five-star luxury hotels. All budgets should navigate. In high season, it is highly advisable to book in very tourist cities like Dubrovnik, Pula, Split ... The easiest way to book a hotel in Croatia is through internet: hotel booking sites are ideal for comparing offers and sort according to its budget. Additionally, specials are not rare, glancing regularly, it is common to come across a good deal. [...]

  • Transport in Croatia

    railways in Croatia extending over 2800 km link various cities like Zagreb, Split and the country to its neighbors. The railways have not been modernized and trains are slow compared to their European neighbors. The average speed of trains in Croatia is of the order of 100 km per hour. The bus network is, in turn, well developed and buses are modern and comfortable. Transport prices remain relatively affordable in Croatia where a bus trip between Zagreb and Split costs around 25 euros. The Croatian road network is in good condition but driving is sometimes dangerous because of excess speeds. [...]

  • Museums and exhibitions in Croatia

    Croatia, known for its important and turbulent history, the atmosphere of its cities do not lack originality. A visit to Croatia necessarily imposes visiting museums, art galleries and streets overnight, authentic restaurants and bar Museum of the City of Zagreb. With models of rare documents this museum details the history of Zagreb on a two-story gallery. . A collection to visit to give a cultural aspect to your travel Mimara Museum: is located in a former school, this museum contains a vast collection of art objects & # 13; pre-Columbian to Greek art and some European artists. A very large [...]

  • The main national parks in Croatia

    If you plan to stay in Croatia decline in ecotourism, know that you will not fail to address to. Indeed, the country has many green spaces that will delight tourists in oxygen. The main national parks in Croatia are 8 in number to know: The National Park Brijuni Islands this park is south-western coast of Istria. It consists of two islands: the main island Veli Brijuni, Mali Brijuni the small island and 12 smaller islets. Visiting these islands you can discover many species of animals imported from around the globe. The main attraction of this park is that it offers both a romantic nature and [...]

  • Dubrovnik: the must see places


    Croatia became for some time, a popular destination for tourists. Among the cities that attract the most crowds, there Dubrovnik. Known as the "Pearl of the Adriatic", it conceals an inconceivable beauty. We must go there to see for himself. If you want to discover this beautiful city, know that it will book a few days to visit the whole city. A weekend can be interesting but you will thirst to return to discover all there. There are must-see places in Dubrovnik as the discovery of its historical and architectural heritage. It should not still forget that this city is a World heritage site by [...]

  • Tips for managing the budget for a holiday in Croatia

    During the holidays, most people tend to be spenders. To avoid being short of cash in the middle of a period of total relaxation, we must adopt some tricks to manage its budget. You must first choose stays from province because it is enjoying a very reduced price. Then it is important to opt for formulas that offer such stays of eight days and seven nights with the offer of a breakfast. Offers for a weekend promotion with a discount hotel or a last minute trip discounted always display an unbeatable price with delectable stays. Some agencies often offer a variety of specials to go without [...]

  • Enjoy a cheap trip to Croatia

    To take advantage of his trip to Croatia, it is advisable to choose cheap packages offered by various travel agencies. This will satisfy the needs of everyone. But how do you get one of these deals? Just simply making a few clicks on specialized sites to find the trip that suits everyone. This approach will also help to discover those concerned the various tourist attractions of the destination country. As its climate, its beautiful coastline or the beautiful scenery which it abounds also points to discover. In Croatia, nature lovers will be delighted with the many excursions in the untouched [...]

  • Save with discounted stays during a trip to Croatia

    It is important to know that it is quite possible to stay in Croatia even with a very tight budget. For this, you just enter the coupon stay deals that find the type of travel at moderate prices. It is useful to know that choosing the "promo room" formula is the guarantee of an optimal result which every traveler will keep a memory. For these offers, just make a few clicks on various travel sites. For a nominal fee, with stays guided for example, it is possible to visit a lot of places. There is for example the coasts and some islands that form a unique landscape and conducive to beautiful spa [...]