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  • 10 sites to check before going to Corsica

    Golfe de Porto, Corse

    Corsica attracts many visitors each year thanks to the beauty of its coastline, the majesty of its mountains and its charming villages ... What are you waiting for you to succumb to the Corsican also magic. Here at least 10 sites to whet your mouth and hold your future journey on this beautiful island. Discover Corsica 1. Official tourism in Corsica - On the official website of tourism in Corsica you will find all the practical and tourist information to better organize your stay in the beautiful island You'll find ideas and walking and hiking routes, but also the type [...]

  • The Tour de Corse

    Golfe de Porto, Corse

    The Tour of Corsica A vacation on an island is a dream that appeals to many, but a dream expensive and not accessible to everyone. If you do not have the means to leave at the end of the world, why not opt ​​for holidays in Corsica? Indeed, the island of beauty has nothing to envy to the paradise islands. If this tempts you, hang it takes you on a tour of Corsica. Tour de Corse motorcycle Corsica is a boon for bikers. With lifts his turns and roads not busy, enthusiasts of the two wheels find their happiness, they are also thousands to experiment every year. If the adventure tempts you [...]

  • Top 20 Corsican specialties

    Golfe de Porto, Corse

    Boasting a beautiful location between mountain and sea, Corsica offers a rich array of delights, prepared from local produce. These recipes can be enjoyed on the beach, at home or in the heart of the villages. Immediately the delights that come top ranking. Coppa This is a sausage prepared from the salt pork loin then dried inside of natural gut. After salting, the coppa is peppered surface. It is eaten raw and thinly sliced, preferably. lonzu This hairline is salted just after being cut. It is then cool for 4 to 5 days before being washed in wine and dried. Once peppermint, this sausage [...]

  • A vacation rental in Corsica

    Golfe de Porto, Corse

    A beautiful house overlooking the sea, a villa close to the beach in an apartment in a lively resort ... many more mouth- proposals for vacation in Corsica. From dream to reality, sometimes it is only one step One need not cross fast! For Corsica, teeming rentals of all kinds, is an eminently tourist destination: expect at fairly high prices, and offers that go fast ... where to book a vacation rental in Corsica? On the Island of Beauty, moods vary and it is not always easy to decide where to spend your holidays ... To help you make a choice, the top 5 destinations Corsican which to lay [...]

  • A camping Bonifacio our good addresses

    La Haute Ville de Bonifacio

    Bonifacio is one of the most emblematic towns of '' the Island of Beauty '', the kind of site that contributes greatly to its reputation: the high city is well perched on a cliff, with facades houses directly overlooking the Mediterranean ... A picture which one never tires! Below, the port from which we start excursion to admire Bonifacio from the sea, or outright, to offer a return trip to Sardinia! The citadel, churches, narrow streets full of charming old town, entertainment terraces, all this contributes to making Bonifacio one of the top tourist destinations in Corsica. Sleep Bonifacio [...]

  • A campsite in Calvi: our best addresses

    Week-end à Calvi

    On the northwest coast of Corsica, Calvi is one of the top tourist destinations in Corsica. The citadel and the old town, set at the end of a rocky point, keep the big bay which is protected harbor and beaches ... the water is calm, clear as can be the '' Big Blue '' ... Calvi do not lack charm, and this, many holidaymakers have experienced: with many tourist facilities, Calvi appears as one of the great Corsican hit with visitors year after year. The discovery of the Upper Town and the citadel of Lower Town and its animation, scuba seaside activities and diving, Balagne also the surrounding [...]

  • A campsite in Porto-Vecchio: our best addresses

    Vacances à Porto-Vecchio

    On the southeast coast of Corsica, Porto-Vecchio is one of the tourist destinations for Corsica. Small town of 10000 inhabitants, Porto-Vecchio and its harbor are nestled in a bay, beside the tranquil waters of the Mediterranean. Porto-Vecchio certainly lacks no stamp, what many visitors will testify. With its many tourist facilities, Porto-Vecchio attracts many vacationers, and made every year new adapted The fortifications and bastions, the charm of the old town, this adds the seaside resort of Porto Vecchio dimension: activities, recreation, summer evening atmosphere, all to occupy the [...]

  • The history of Corsica ... broadly

    Golfe de Porto, Corse

    Not easy to summarize the history of Corsica in a few lines ... however, it is always interesting to be aware of the major events that have marked the history of this island to the tumultuous past. To us then we dive deeper into the periods that excite us. Antiquity: The first human settlements in Corsica are attested from 9000 BC, these isolated groups of hunter-gatherers. Neolithic agriculture and livestock grows with the arrival of Ligurian population and Phoenician. The Etruscans were the first to take control of Corsica followed the Carthaginians. It became a Roman imperial province. [...]

  • Selection: 5 Cheap Hotels in Ajaccio

    Vielle ville d'Ajaccio

    Ajaccio is not the most popular destination of Corsica, but because its port is one of the main gateways to the Island of Beauty, the availability of accommodation is important and various (by cons attention of many hotels in Ajaccio that are open only in summer). The hotels are relatively expensive in Ajaccio, there are not many hotel in less than 50 euros. In addition the city of Ajaccio has no hostel, in this case the most economical solution is camping. Cheap Hotels in the city center of Ajaccio For less than 50 euros we recommend the St Charles Hotel at the entrance to the city [...]

  • Drive around Corsica by car!

    Golfe de Porto, Corse

    With spring, sunny days are back and this is the perfect time for a getaway in Corsica. A week vacation to visit the most outstanding places of the Island of Beauty: the creeks of Piana, the Gulf of Porto, the Genoese citadel of Porto-Vecchio, the Bloody Islands ... To discover the charms of Corsica, the easiest way is to rent a car which will allow you to connect the main attractions of the island easily. From Bastia, you can drive to Calvi, Ajaccio rally or even grow up to Bonifacio in the extreme south of the island. For best prices, the best is to use a comparison href="" [...]

  • Find a hotel in Ajaccio.

    Vielle ville d'Ajaccio

    Accommodation and tourist seasons in Ajaccio. Ajaccio the Prefecture of Corse-du-Sud. The city is located on the Gulf of Ajaccio on the west coast of Corsica. Ajaccio has a typically Mediterranean old historical center, this one is dominated by its citadel of the XVI century. Ajaccio is not the most popular destination of Corsica, but because its port is one of the main beauty of the island entry points, the supply of accommodation is large and diverse. The boutique hotels are located in the city center, about the superior and luxury hotels in the heart of Ajaccio they greet you in historical [...]

  • Organize a weekend in Corsica: Good to know.

    Golfe de Porto, Corse

    In here is a good idea to city break, the island of Corsica offers a change of scenery without forgetting the guarantee of experiencing his element and nature. For your little break we invite you to discover two magnificent cities Ajaccio and Bastia. Ajaccio is a city where we enjoy and not anyhow! the cuisine is a marvel among meats, cheeses and products made with chestnut flour, you'll be spoiled for choice. Dining options we advise you to try The Farm Inn, Porticcio is a very good restaurant address to taste local products. For this is simple cultural touch, visit the Place du Maréchal [...]

  • From Corsica by car. Advice

    Golfe de Porto, Corse

    If you are going to stay in Corsica, it is best to have a car to enjoy better. Indeed, public transportation is not convenient enough to tourism. Buses, for example, are more oriented towards the needs of the local population (schools, factories). A car makes it possible to have more freedom and access to the finest beauty of the island locations. Two solutions are possible: rent a car or a camper on site or go with your own car in Corsica To take a car in Corsica, it must necessarily go through a shipping company.. The transport cost is about 70 euros each way. Online booking in advance is [...]

  • Arte Mare Festival

    From 21 to 26 November 2011 in Bastia Arte Mare film festival and Mediterranean arts festival its 29th edition. Course and first, competition; As every year in September from movies Mediterranean will be the subject of heated debate in a professional jury chaired by director Jean-Paul Salomé and members include the writer Maud Tabachnik. In 2011 Arte Mare draws his thriller and the thrill of playing card with a tribute to the great Lino Ventura. Dario Argento will also present Bird with the Crystal Plumage (1970) and The Cat 'Nine Tails (1971). Three new films Arte Black Suite collection will [...]

  • Steep holiday in Zonza

    Golfe de Porto, Corse

    The charming town of Zonza is dotted with captivating scenery and small hamlets. The majority of Zonza hotels are located in the periphery and you have rather comfortable hotels. For one night in Zonza, it takes at least count 50 euros. In the most prestigious hotels, prices can go up to 250 euros. On the Monticello neighborhood you will find the Sole E Monti, one of the most accessible hotels in the city. This is an establishment of two stars that offers clean rooms. Guests enjoy a choice of accommodation at the foot of the Corsican mountains. The Domaine de Caranella is a three star hotel that [...]

  • Spend star stay in the tourist town of Bastia

    Shooting location a few movies along known films, such as "This is called the Dawn", "Rosebud" or "Corsica Survey" Bastia is distinguished by its two local specialties that are the Sardines brocciu and Baccalà If you are visiting the city between February 8 and 31 December, you can stay at the La Corniche, which offers 22 comfortable and elegant rooms. The low season prices are between 50 euros and 65euros, 75euros to 110euros against for peak seasons. However, you have a wide choice at Hotel Ariana with its 45chambres equipped and furnished. Open 01octobre to 15 October each year, the hotel offers [...]

  • A stay in Piana in the hollow rocks

    Piana et ses calanques

    Piana has only a very small number of hotel establishments. The luxurious Capo Roso to overnight at about 115euros, offers luxurious rooms and features a Jacuzzi, a swimming pool and a humidor, provides a panoramic happiness in the heart of the Creeks. According to Internet users, the view is amazing and divine restoration in Red Rocks. The hotel has an average price of 115euros. If you prefer the view of the mountains, choose the hotel in March and Monti. With about 55euros, Hotel Scandola 2étoiles accommodate you in an ideal setting for a relaxing holiday. The Creeks Hotel and the Hotel Continental [...]

  • Calvi hotel establishments on the waterfront

    Week-end à Calvi

    There are few hotels listed in this ancient capital of Corsica. The busiest is the Belvedere Hotel which is located on the seafront, opposite the citadel. This boutique hotel is 100 meters from the harbor and marina. It offers comfortable rooms at affordable rates. Further along the route of the Port and facing the islands Redhead, Best Western Santa Maria offers 3-star accommodation with a private beach and free parking. In the small island of Rousse resort, about 17km from central Calvi, Motel Saint-Michel enjoys a good reputation among travelers surfers. In the old town of Ile Rousse, Escale [...]

  • Corte, plunged in the heart of Corsica

    Le Parc naturel régional de Corse

    A stay in Corte is diving into the heart of Corsica and touch his soul. Its richness and extraordinary natural beauty make Corte, a dream destination for lovers of nature. Some hotels are located in the city center. In the category of 2 star hotel Corte Les Jardins de la Glacière is particularly interesting with its garden leading to the Restonica River. It is also a Corte hotel with pool. In low season, a room for two is about 60 euros and can go up to a little over 90 euros in high season. Renovated and very comfortable, enjoy the stay in the oldest of Corte hotels, North Hotel. Though also [...]

  • Ile Rousse, Corsica vacation

    Ile Rousse, la vieille Ville

    The Ile Rousse is a small town bordered of beautiful sandy beaches inviting to relax. Destination for the holidays at the seaside in Corsica, it is home to a number of hotel establishments, most of which give easy access to beaches. On the road Du Port, you will find the Best Western Santa Maria hotel has a private beach and free parking. Located in the center of the old town, Escale Côté Sud is a design hotel that offers a subtle mix of modern and historic décor. Motel Les Alizés welcomes you in a pleasant setting surrounded by a beautiful garden in the Castellacio estate. It displays an affordable [...]

  • Find a hotel in Corsica.

    Golfe de Porto, Corse

    Accommodation and tourist seasons in Corsica. Building on its success with tourists, Corsica has developed its hotels based on the increasing demand, however, the island of beauty did not fall into the trap of mass tourism and major resorts and unlike the Spanish and Portuguese coasts, Corsican coastline was able to be preserved. The major resorts are rare, the offer is mainly oriented accommodation in lodges, camping and holiday village. Choose between a small cheap camping or "relay and castles" luxury, through a holiday village or a large hotel with all inclusive, everyone should find the [...]