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    Accommodation and tourist seasons in Chartres. The main attraction of Chartres, the one that brought the most visitors is its 12th century cathedral, considered by many art historians as the finest surviving example of the High Gothic period. But Chartres is also true for its built heritage and its medieval streets. The old town of Chartres consists of two parts, the upper town, around the cathedral and lower town, on the banks of the Eure and arms, which is a remarkable set of streets, bridges and medieval and Renaissance buildings. Regarding accommodation Chartres suffers from a lack of hotels [...]

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    Chartres, known for its cathedral and medieval remains, has not fewer attractions such as the Museum of the School and the International Stained Glass Center. Much of Chartres hotels are set in the perimeter of the old city near the sights. Its location in the outskirts of the city, neighborhood shopping centers and its economic price, the Comfort Hotel, a 2 star stands out from other institutions. For the record, hotels Saint-Yves Rue Saint Eman took the location of a cloister. Mercure Chartres Cathedral offers a true definition of comfort near the Cathedral: additional sofa, air-conditioned [...]