Magazine Bourges

  • 4th Great Medieval Festival near Bourges

    The festival will take place on 6 and 7 September 2014 - Doors open at 10 am . A nice program for the 2014 Many troops and settlements this year, here is an overview of the 20 troops and animations present: Mandalas Company, The Teutonic Ordeur, the freeholders Francis, the Mesnie of Green Dogs, the Thistles of Orleans, the gluttons Hardis, the Skuldalith, Les Compagnons du Duc Jean, the Souda auvernhat, the Case of the Game, Les Ateliers de Joan, for old ropes, the archers Dunois Fauna and film (Wolves and Falconry Pierre Cadeac) stables Silver, the Templars of chapelotte, the Maestrie Berry, [...]